3rd TERM - Summer 2010

The topic:-
We will be looking at DTP (Desktop Publishing), Corporate Image and Logo design along with Business Stationery. We will look at the layout of these different aspects of stationery and will be collecting examples and reproducing our own designs. This will take us into Letter/Mail distribution and Mail Merge as a skill for mass distributing business letters, etc

PREP - prep is every second week - you should know by now when this is:

DUE in Week 2:

Collected at least one Business Card, Letterhead and Flyer (pamphlet or A5 advertisment - junk mail) - already discussed in class last term.
C of A (to be discussed in class)

DUE in Week 4:
Name that logo
DUE in Week 6:

Logo development and business stationery

Ctreation of Business cards and Flyers

Ctreation of Letters and look at typing skills
Other advertising media and creation of a Poster
Staff ID cards
More on Mail Merge and Promotional Material
Preparation for exam

2nd TERM - Spring 2010

The topic:-
We wil be using Spreadsheets to model data - it's called Spreadsheet Modelling. This means we use data (usually numeric i.e. numbers) in a way that we can learn from the numbers and get the numbers in a presentable format.

PREP - you will need to do some online exercises.

These online exercises may be in the form of a game or a quiz. You can find these at the following website - just click on:


For those who do not have Internet Access at home, please see your ICT teacher to organise a time in Lunch Break to complete them.
You will be told how to record your results in class.

There are a total of 17 of these exercises and games, make sure you choose at least 15 of them and do at least 3 every single prep week (remember, you only get prep every SECOND week so work out where these weeks are from your Homework Diary and record your prep IN ADVANCE).

In addition to this, you will be given other prep tasks so look out for these in your Work Booklet you will be given in class.

Using a Spreadsheet

Developing a Spreadsheet

Modelling - variables and breaking even
league Tables
Refining the Model
Scenarios to create your own Model


Prep: Bring in a USB memory stick!! Your prep will be done using files and worksheets that need to be transferred on memory stick!
Class: Various Spreadsheet Models

Prep: Files and worksheets that need to be transferred on memory stick - TBC in class!
Class: Various Spreadsheet Models continuing from the PREP.

Prep: Collect a Flyer/A4 Advert (junk mail item of any sort will do)
Class: DTP skills (MS Publisher and Publication Templates)

Current Grace Assessment Week:
What's in the minitest?
It's very simple a Spreadsheet Model that you have to answer questions on within about 30 minutes - nothing different to what you have been doing in class!
Sample of the questions:

2. TOTALS – work out the following formulae on the spreadsheet:


·        Profit                             Selling price – Buying price

·        Total Number Sold        Mon + Tue + Wed etc

·        Takings                   Total No Sold x Selling Price

·        Profit                    Total No Sold x Profit


3. Answer the following questions in the space provided below:


  • What is the state of your business?


  • What is your most popular product?


  • What is your least popular product?


  • What is the most profitable product?


  • What is the least profitable product?



  • What is your busiest day of the week?


  • What is the quietest day of the week?


  • Why is the most popular product not the most profitable product?


  • What does the spreadsheet tell you when you make less than £40?


  • What does the spreadsheet tell you when you make less than nothing?

WEEK 10:
Prep: Collect a Newspaper Article (remember prep done before Xmas? Some of you did something similar... will remond you in class.
Class: DTP skills (MS Publisher and Publication Templates)

WEEK 11:
Prep: None, unless you need to catch up for some reason which means it's due the very first lesson back after the holidays.
Class: DTP skills (MS Publisher and Publication Templates)


If you have been told to do the Extra Tasks then please clikc on this link to take you to some video tutorials on Excel:

Spreadsheet Modelling:

























1st TERM - Archived


Using ICT - Presentation Software

We will be producing a presentation all about us (its called 'All About Me').

We will have a booklet that will take us through all the tasks and homework exercises.

The most important aspects to focus on are:

1. Your audience - who are you going to present to

2. Choosing appropriate text and images

3. Attention and interest - keep your audience awake by ending in a quiz or an interactive 'interview'

Extra: Try to bring in digital photos of yourself (perhaps doing a hobby of yours)





Presentatrion Plan (types or written bullet-points of what you want to include in your 'All About Me' presentation - see example handed to you in class.


Booklet page 5 - you will see 6 boxes.  Hand draw and write the text and images you wish to include in at least 6 slides.  Of course you may want to do more than 6 slides but these six should be enough to get the most important things about you into a presentation.

Extra: you may wish to write any effects and or animations the text and images will have.


See booklet page 6 - use the worksheet given to you in class called "Using Appropriate Images" - ask for this worksheet if you have not been given it!


Revise you Presentation Vocabulary as we will have a little mini-test assessment (a multiple choice test of only around 5 questions relating to what you are doing in class - make sure you learn your ICT vocab from the sheet given to you last week)


Using images worksheet - this will link to your workbook page 6 (will be explained in class, so wait until then)

WEEK 7 - 8

Workbook pages 10, 11 (make sure you have a print out for the homework on page 11) and 12

Page 10 - choose a televison/YouTube advert and answer the questions

Page 11 - print out your presentation and annotate the changes you will have to make

Page 12 - "How to present to and Adult Audience" - this will actually help you in the task above (task 11 so you may want to do this one first!)

A lot of you are still not checking out this web site for your homework!!!  There is no excuse now and late work will not be tolerated.



Using ICT - Processing Text and Images

We will be learning about the display of data as text and or Image

We will be looking at Surveys and will undertake a survey and how we use data and information sources.

We will then look at Desktop Publishing software (DTP) and the processing of text and images, focussing on group work and the publication if a newsletter/newspaper with articles relevant to a specific audience.  Once again you will need to examine:

1. Your audience - who are you going to present your article(s) to

2. Choosing appropriate text and images

3. Attention and interest - keep your audience interested and involved


Click on the links below and print screen your result into Word (we will do the first one in class so that you know how to do this):



PREP (due in week 12):

Can you try to bring in a piece of information about yourself that you could turn into a newspaper-like article.  Maybe you achieved something and you feel proud of this achievement - can you write a paragraph about what you did?  Or perhaps somebody has already written an article about you?  Perhaps it is a story about your pet, a sibling or just something you are interested in (a hobby) or just a fascinating story.

So: bring in a paragraph about you or someone you know (or a pet!) and hopefully you have a digital photo